Get Air in USA

Get Air is a trampoline park which operates over 160 branches in the USA. it has one of the biggest trampoline parks in the world. Its ever-increasing popularity is due to the initiation of a lot of facilities at the same place. It is located in Willow Place Houston. It is an indoor trampoline park along with party areas and private booths.

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Trampoline park is spread over thousands of square feet which are covered by trampolines where trampolines are placed side by side and also at individual places such that for those people who want to enjoy the trampoline alone can do that and those who come with their friends can also jump on the trampoline with them. One thing that has to be taken care here is that trampolines are in square shape with boundary which is highlighted everywhere one should not place a foot or jump on the edges because they give support and are not made to jump on them. People of same sizes should be jumping in the same square, unequal sizes may lead to injuries to other. People come to this park for having unlimited fun, the parks not only provide trampolines but also give a lot of other games to be played on the trampoline. There are different games that can be played there like the basketball, basketball court is placed at the corner where people come running and jump on the trampoline to bucket the ball. Balls are also placed there to be used by the participants. There is a big LCD which monitors the jumps of the contestants and then plays them in a delayed form such that one can see how they jumped on the trampoline or how they performed the trick on it. Another game of dodgeball is played by making two team and hitting members of opponent teams with balls, this game has its own fun where the watchers can see the energy and enjoyment of the participants while they are playing it. Foam pits are also placed in the park where thousands of square-shaped foams are placed which seems like a sea of foam one can jump in it and feel the softness of foam and get themselves drained in the foam. People love to jump in it, they run towards it and jump in it. Slackline is a type of a rubber rope which participants have to cross, there is a special trick for completely passing over it that is without looking down one should complete the task. If you fall you fail but there is no chance of injury as you fall on the trampoline. For kids and adults as well there is a ninja training area where nets and hooks are placed, which is very hard to complete and actively involves all the muscles of the body which makes it a complete exercise for the participants. There is also fidget rope which is very hard to cross because it can move on its own axis and it is made of rubber although it seems very easy in fact is very hard to crossover.

There is a separate section for kids under forty-six inches of height and it is called kids corner. For every kid, there should be a legal guardian present and kids are not allowed without the legal guardian. Kids are very fragile in nature that is why no one else is allowed to jump there with the kids in the kid’s corner. There is a sitting area adjacent to the kid’s corner in which parents can sit and watch their wards jumping on the trampoline. You can always hear the sounds of ” hey mom look at me how I am jumping” and “dad look at me”. For parents and other people, there are massage chairs which vibrate and soothes the body. Special needs people are entertained by the staff of ‘get air’.

Get Air in USA

Get Air in USA

For birthdays and other events, there are private booths in which events or meetings can be organized where food items are available usually it is booked for celebrating birthdays of the children by the parents as the children can get the treat of jumping on trampolines. Corporate personnel can also hold meetings in the private booths which are spacy and seating arrangements can be made for holding meetings there. This environment can help create a bond between different members, if they go for jumping on the trampoline this will create a strong bond between boss and employees.

As to prices they are very reasonable for one hour they charge 14 bucks and for two hours 26 bucks are charged and for kids 10 bucks are charged for 1 hour and 18 bucks for 2 hours. Socks have to be bought separately for 3 dollars. Discounts are also given. A family of four and plus, student id holder and military id holders get 20% flat discount on the bill.

It is opened throughout the year on the weekday it opens at 3 pm and closes at 8 pm except on Friday it closes 1 hour later at 9 pm on Saturdays it is opened at 10 AM and closed at 11 pm but on Sundays, it is closed on 8 pm.

Get Air have strict policies and in order to avoid any dangerous injuries, one should follow the rules as said by the staff. Socks are made mandatory to wear they give grip towards the trampoline otherwise one can slip over it and cause serious damage. Hard items like a watch, jewelry zippers are also not allowed there. Food items are prohibited in the game area. A waiver is to be signed that the person is going in there with their own intent and in case any injury is caused company will not be held responsible for it. There is a facility of a locker room in which items can be locked up to avoid any chances of theft.

The name ‘Get Air’ is becoming increasingly popular among people and growing its name in every state and city of USA. it is because they provide healthy activities to the young people who otherwise indulge themselves in unhealthy activities and become poison for the society. It keeps them active and also keeps them enjoying the life while jumping and bouncing on the trampolines.

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