When someone thinks about having fun and enjoyment get air comes to the mind first. Get air is a trampoline park and It is the biggest place for having enjoyment and relaxation at the same time. Get air is an enclosed indoor huge area with a number of different games to be played by the people going there. The main activity people go there for is the availability of trampolines along with many other activities. It is located in Willow Place Houston and has over 160 branches all over the USA. it is one of the largest trampoline parks in the world.

People love to go there and jump on the trampolines with friend, family or business associate. It has a vast jumping area where trampolines are placed side by side and also in individual places for individuals. In the big trampoline area, everyone can jump freely and do tricks while jumping and see themselves on the screen which monitors jumps and displays it in delay motion. It is a place where adrenaline starts kicking in the system. The walls are also made of trampoline stuff to avoid any injury and you can bump into the wall without having the fear of any injuries that may be caused by it otherwise. The main court includes thousands of square feet of trampolines placed side by side which give ample spaces for people to roam around freely jumping around the space. People can jump in freestyle or perform some special gymnastic tricks and watch it later on the giant flat screens which monitor the jumps and tricks performed by the people.

There is a basketball court placed in the corner where you can jump and place the ball in the bucket. People come to this place for placing balls in the bucket while jumping and bouncing. Balls are placed on the ground to play with them and bucket them in the court while performing this act one can review the jump in the delay recorder on the flat screen which monitors the actions, jumps and tricks.



The is also a middle area on the main court for playing dodgeball. The contestants make teams and start by hitting members of the opponent team and all of the game is played on the trampolines so that one can enjoy bouncing and hitting others with the ball. You can also take part in other games by selecting the game and playing it with friend, family or other people in the main court area. There are foam pits in the main court area which consists of plenty of square foam placed on the trampoline, on jumping on it one feels like it is landing on a sea of foam which is so soft and the person gets drowned in it. It feels so amazing to jump into the foam pit that most people jump in it and land on the foam pit horizontally because one knows the level of comfort they get on laying over it. There is a sea of foam in which people come running and jump in it.

Parents celebrate birthdays of their children in this place because the children can get all the fun in the same place. It has private booths to organize birthday parties where the cake is cut and gifts for children are given along with the edible items like pizza and other fast food items are available. The private booths are spacy for celebrating the birthday with children and giving a party to the friends of the children as well. With this feature of “Get Air” you can have all you want in a single place from celebrating the birthday to giving gifts and from having food to jumping on the trampolines because kids love it when they play with their friends.

There is a separate section for kids under 4 feet height in which only those children can play and participate while there is a section for the parents so that they can see the children while they are playing. Parents are not allowed to play there with their children because this would be against the safety of the minors playing. Small children can play there and enjoy the company of the same age because of the fragile nature of the children no adult is allowed there to play in that specific area which is restricted to the children under 4 feet of height.

There is also a ninja training section in the main court where there are various nets and hooks present so that the participants climb over them and give themselves hard time but if they fall there is trampoline beneath them to avoid any injury which would be otherwise inevitable.

The ropes and nets add extra to the excitement of the trampoline and participants can add extra adrenaline in the veins because of it.

Another exciting feature is the slackline which is a rubber rope and the participants have to walk over the rope and cross it. The trick here to cross the rope without falling on the trampoline cushion is to not look down at the ground. This and many kinds of activities are practiced there. Fidget ladder hangs over the foam pit and it is the hardest game to complete because the ladder can swing on its axis and to reach on top effort is required but again the factor of precaution is taken here that if someone drops from the ladder they land on the foam pit so it is very safe otherwise.

For those people who do not want to participate in the game or are exhausted there is the availability of massage chairs for relaxing the bodies. Parents usually love to sit on the massage chairs while their children are busy in jumping and bouncing around on the trampoline. The chairs vibrate the body and one feels very relaxed from it.

The corporate people can come here for a meeting and enjoy the trampoline to create a bond between the colleagues and the boss and in private booths can carry out corporate meetings and enjoy meals or celebrate parties.

Special care is taken of special people from the staff of ‘get air’. If someone with special needs comes the staff members help the person and take good care of them while they can enjoy there too along with other people.

The prices for tickets are reasonable and the discount is available if more time is spent. Around 14 bucks are charged for 1 hour and for children under 4 feet 10 bucks are charged. It is opened throughout the year in weekdays it is opened in the evening and on weekends it is opened earlier and closed later. It has now become famous throughout the USA over 160 branches of getting air trampoline parks are now there.

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